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My LAN IP banned!


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I've been using uTorrent for a long time now, but recently I started experiencing some strange behavior.

After switching to v1.7-RC2, I noticed that my DL speed degraded significantly. After searching this forum, I found references to IPFilter and some other possible solutions to this and changed my settings accordingly (ipfilter.enabled=false, net.max_halfopen=50). I also patched my tcpip.sys to use 100 connections.

After noticing the speed degradation, I tried using the "Reset bans" option from the context menu and then I noticed in my log that my own IP ( has been unbanned!

I have an ADSL router (Sagem F@st 1201) with port 20203 being properly forwarded. I also tried changing the port several times and noticed that after each change I had normal DL speed for some time. This reverts to low speed and my IP being banned again.

This has never happened before. For the reference, I also use Kaspersky Internet Security 6 with proper settings for letting uTorrent pass through it. My router is not UPnP compatible, so I disabled it in the settings. I also disabled DHT and NAT PMP port mapping.

Please help me to solve this.

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Maybe so, but before this I never had a log entry saying that my LAN IP was unbanned and I never had such a serious speed degradation. I still think that it's related to this LAN IP banning and maybe should be investigated further. Whenever I reset bans, my speed raises to expected values and there's only one log entry saying that MY IP was unbanned.

And just to clear things up, I'm absolutely sure that my ISP is not enforcing any speed limitations (P2P or other).

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Is that your computer's LAN ip or your (ADSL combo) router's?

I put my LAN ip range into µTorrent and see it banned all the time.

...But when I put my internet ip in, I don't see it banned any.

The internet ip ban seems to prevent the loopback issues I see...but it's a bad workaround because:

However I would NOT want people using my ipfilter.dat blocklist, because my internet ip would be banned. :(

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Yes, it's my LAN IP. My router is on and it's connected to a switch. The router gets an outside IP from my ISP dynamically.

As I mentioned earlier, this never happened before. Also, it seems that my speed degradation is related to the ipfilter.enabled option, since it returned to normal once I set it to false (it degrades again when my LAN IP gets banned).

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What Azureus does is use the ClientID to keep from looping back. That way, it does not have to ban by IP. It seems to connect back to itself about every tracker announce interval, and then just disconnects.

No harm, no foul ... and avoids looping back on localhost, LAN IP, and public IP.

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Do you use your router's LAN ip ( as settings you use on your computer for both its gateway AND DNS server/s?

I'm thinking that if/when µTorrent bans your LAN ip that probably like me it's getting your router's LAN ip probably as well.

Do you happen to have Resolve IPs enabled by any chance?

...I think µTorrent would be trying to use your router's LAN ip to reverse DNS them, and may be blocking itself in the process. :P

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My routers address is set as a default gateway, but I use my ISPs DNS servers.

Resolve IPs is turned off since I first started µT, because I don't want to waste any bandwidth other then DL/UL.

Now I disabled Local peer discovery and I still have the same behavior.

I posted a feature request to have an option to enable/disable local IP banning, so I'm waiting to see what's going to be done about that.

For now, the only solution I have is to regularly (at least once per hour) do Reset bans, since it's the only way to (temporarily) have an expected DL speed.

Anyway, I have to say thanx to all you guys for trying to help me with this.


I think I got it!

This problem seems to occur only when Local peer discovery is enabled. After disabling it I never got my LAN IP banned again.

If this is not an intended behavior, I urge anyone who's developing µTorrent to check this out as it may cause other unexpected results.

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