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UPnP error in utorrent.[UPnP: ERROR -3 mapping port]


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Please could any 1 help me understand,about UPnP error`s in utorrent. Every time utorrent 1.6 is running i get an error message in logger.

UPnP: ERROR -3 mapping port 55539->

Unable to map UPnP Port.

I`ve tried most things i can think of including [uPnP TEST Program v/ 1.15]which includes these 8 tests.

Test 1 Operating System support Passed / Not passed

Test 2 SSDP Service Running Check " "

Test 3 SSDP Service Automatic Check " "

Test 4 UPnPHost Service Running Check " "

Test 5 UPnPHost Service Automatic Check " "

Test 6 UPnP Framework Firewall Exeption Check " "

Test 7 Adapter #0 - Internal IP address here... " "

Test 8 Get external IP Address (result....external IP) " "

Please can any 1 help i dont know what else to do???

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Thanks 4 reply, my router suppory`s UPnP. its a buffalo WYR-G54 Airstation ive been on portforward and tried that. I am connectable. [OK! Port 55539 is open and accepting connections]when i press ctrl+g. Any idea`s? I can give you more information if you let me know what. thanks for the help hope we can solve this. Hitman

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