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2nd ETA Wrong.


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Before you jump in and say its estimated, oh yeah and i couldnt see this anywhere.

uTorrent 1.2:

there are 2 ETA lables, one in the torrent list, and one in the general tab.

i've got a 4GB torrent running, i only want 2.5GB of it.

So i've set the other files to 'Do Not Download'/'skip'

The ETA in the torrent list shows the expected ~11hours,

The ETA in the General Tab shows ~23hours(it'd take me an extra 10 hours to download the extra 1.5GB)

I'm guessing the ETA in the general tab is actually displaying the time until i've completed the full 4GB, and not until i've completed the 2.5GB of the torrent i want...

Is this a Bug or a Feature?


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