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yet another person with bad speed


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hi all,

sorry to be another person who can't get decent speed with utorrrent. i didn't think that i had a problem until i came onto the forum and realized that my speeds of 5-10kbps isnt normal. since then i have configured my two modems so that my wireless only broadcasts and doesn't interfere.(at least thats what i think i have done i got it from portforward.com) i also opened the port that utorrent uses and have a green light on that side of things. since then i have been able to reach speeds of up to 20kps if i'm lucky. i am running a dlink dsl 302g wireless router and a dlink di 524 router/modem. my speed test results are 524 down 135 up. (this is the slowest i have ever got!).

i have dht disabled and encryption enabled.

if anyone has any ideas on how i can speed up my torrents i would like to hear them.


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