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1.7 RC2 2999 Upload Limit Bug


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Local Peer Discovery Enabled - what does it do ?

Enable DHT Network Disabled

Enable DHT for new torrent Disabled

Enable Peer Exchange Enabled- What does it do ?

Protocol Encryption

Disabled - Allow incoming legacy connections Enabled.

Randomize port each time utorrent start Enabled

Enable UPnP port mapping Disabled

Enable NAT -PMP Port mapping was Enabled, i Disabled it- what does it do ?

No Router, Kaspersky 7 Internet Security , Utorrent has full access any activity, downloading full speed, Max Compability.

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Continuing with this problem, I believe the way local peers are discovered is flawed somehow. With bt.limit_local_peers = false, peers from the Netherlands, for example, seem to be local peers, as I can upload to them faster than my upload limit, up to as fast as my WAN connection can handle, as opposed to LAN (as its a Gigabit LAN). However, when I set it to true, such peers can't download from me faster than the limit.

So I guess I just want to know how µTorrent determines which peers are local.

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