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Help Migrating plz


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Ok guys i followed the Guide

1.I first Open Notepad

2.Then i placed this line IN NotePad @for /r %%i in (*.bc!) do @move "%%~fi" "%%~dpni"

3.Then i clicked on File, Save As and changed name to RENAME.BAT

4.Then i Went to C:\Downloads Which is my default Download Folder with FIles which are incomplete as well as Complete.

5.Then i Right Click on RENAME.BAT which i placed in C:\Downloads and clicked Open

Lanches as a Dos for like 1 secound.

6.The i proceed to open Utorrent and i see none of my task

Plz tell me where i went wrong

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This only works if Bitcomet (with extension *.bc!) was your previous client.

Otherwise check for the correct extension and edit your RENAME.BAT accordingly.

Also you have to show utorrent your downloads (where they are).

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How do i show where download are?

You add the torrent and save to the same location. It should then start hash checking the data you already have. If it doesn't do this but starts downloading from 0% then you specified the wrong path.

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