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Download/upload limits set on Category level


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It would be fine to set download/upload limits on Category level. I usually sort my torrents into Categories by trackers from which I'm downloading. And when I'm downloading torrents from some private tracker, I would rather give e.g. 70% of upload speed for the Category containing torrents from private trackers and only 30% for the other ones. Of course with possibility to use that unused bandwidth when the speed in some Category is not reached... I'm not sure if you know what I mean :)

Let's have 3 Categories - Private1, Private2 and Others. Now let's distribute the bandwidth - Private1 40% (and max xy kB), Private2 40% and Others 20%. When the bandwidth in Private1 is not fully used (let's say only 20% is used), it can be used for another category, in this case Private2 - if there's some free bandwidth too, category Others can use it...

I would appreciate that, because I have different speeds during day/night a this could solve the problem with limits... Because in the daytime I have 500/256, at night I've got 1500/500. But now when I limit some torrent through the day, beacuse I want to work on the internet, I have to set new limits in the evening... And when you have 10-15 active torrents it's quite annoying to set the limits again and again...

And on the top it would be great to set different speed limits based on time intervals e.g. 11:00-21:00 -> 40% (or in kB) 21:01 - 10:59 60% (or in kB)

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According to Speed Guide (CTRL+G), even for your night speeds...your connection really isn't rated to handle more than 3 active torrents at once (xx/512k setting).

So no doubt there WILL be problems running 10-15 at once.

You may not even be offering 1 KiloBYTE/sec per upload slot (per person) on the torrents you're running, which is roughly the minimum needed to meet BitTorrent protocol compatibility. Lower than that, and essentially you're leeching at least a torrent or 2 some of the time...which on marginal torrents (with very few seeds and/or peers) can make your download speed really suffer.

You need to use Scheduler and have it set a much lower daytime upload + download speed.

...And you probably also need to vastly reduce global and per-torrent connections even below the "recommended" Speed Guide settings.

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Then you pretty much are agreeing with what I said:

"...can make your download speed really suffer."

If it's a problem with not being any seeders, that's understandable. But then there's NO settings that will let you download any faster than you already do -- though there's likely many settings that will make it worse.

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