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Toggle scheduler from status bar


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When the scheduler is enabled I see a message in the status bar that says "Limited by scheduler". I would like to be able to enable and disable the scheduler by clicking on that message. This would be much easier than having to click Options -> Preferences -> Scheduler -> Enable/Disable Scheduler. I could then just click to disable the scheduler when I get up to leave, allowing my full bandwidth to be used.


Great software.

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Hmm... I use the scheduler myself... but if I don't want it to be limited, I just take the long trip to the preference to disable it. Maybe that's just me. But if you're at the computer, why not disable it manually? I could've sworn that the scheduler is intended to handle timed throttling for when multiple users are using the connection and for times when everyone is asleep while bandwidth is free.

Voting no for this one.

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I'd just like the scheduler to have the option to pause the downloads.

Limiting downloads to 0, has no effect - just sets it a maximum speed.

The point, in stupid countries like mine, we can download freely during the night, but not during the day.

However, upload traffic is not accounted for. So, it would be great to be able to just "seed" as much as possible during the day without downloading anything.

I wouldn't mind setting the download speed limit to just 1Kb, IF someone assures me that doing so won't cause other peers to "block/ban" me for not accepting data at high speeds.

(don't know if this is a stupid fear - if uTorrents just throtles the requests, it might not be as harmful as I think)


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0: unlimited, it says so in the network preferences

1kB wont make anyone ban you, the most it can make is people disconnecting you and there u can keep the connection just normally as you will re-connect to them eventually

now if some people using the "ban peers" function on other clients think you are not worth i for 1kB/s alone tahts their problem :P

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after many minutes of searching and browsing through the forum, I found this on the FAQ:


Surprised, to see other people (like myself) requesting this, when it's alredy implemented... :)

That fixes it for me. I'll shut up now - till I find another suggestions/requests - and reading all the FAQ!


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