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Utorrent slowing whole bandwidth


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Well first off i get decent speeds, etlease i don't mind them about 50kB\s down in utorrent, but my ISP is aliant i have ultra high speed, which is about 600kB\s download line speed. Generaly when i use firefox while downloading (not from utorrent) i can still open pages in one second or less (while downloading at about 500kB\s), but when Utorrent is open (it doesn't even have to be downloading) it can take anywere from 3-10 seconds per page.

Bandwidth Test-

Download Speed: 4922 kbps (615.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 383 kbps (47.9 KB/sec transfer rate)

Utorrent -


If anyone can help, please do.

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So um, if you measured your upload rate to be 383kbps, why would you select 512kbps as your upload? The closest one would be xx/384k.

At any rate, try that in the Speed Guide. If it doesn't help, check the first link in my signature for other ideas.

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