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Torrent-specific command to preallocate disk space


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Hi !

There is a global option to always preallocate disk space for torrents, but there is no specific command to do it right now for just one particular torrent.

Often we have a particularly crucial torrent which we want to make sure does not fail to insufficient disk space.

Many other clients have this command - including edonkey ones as well (which shows how universal is the concept).

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It sounds like everyone has an "autoship" feature for another new hard disk drive to be shipped to them every week.

Or else you've never been in a position where interesting things pop up to be downloaded during a period of time when you don't have enough time to archive things off to DVD-Rs.

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erm.. no. And should really mention eDONKEY/KaZaA if you're looking for sympathy in these forums.

I'm trying to think of a similarity between eDonky and KaZaa and I can't really come up with one, sorry.

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