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Upload peaks, then plummets


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Hi, I'm not exactly an expert with torrents, so I figured I'd ask a question. I've followed the speed guide to a t, and I've forwarded my ports, turned off game mode on my router, and run the gamut of instructions on the forum. Now, when I check my upload rate, I usually get around 700ish kbps. So naturally, the speed guide tells me to set my upload rate to about 70 kBps.

When I fire up uTorrent, the upload speed climbs to the limit I set, and the download climbs up. However, after a minute or two, my upload speed plummets to around 40-35 kBps, and as such, my download suffers (going from 200-100ish to around 50 kBps). I've set uTorrent to use more upload slots if my upload rate is less than 90% of the max also. I've also noticed that I generally get better, more consistent speeds by just having my upload rate cappped to around 40-35 kBps.

Can anyone tell my why I can't upload faster, despite my connection being capable of it? My ISP is Comcast, so could their powerboost functionality be giving me an incorrect speed when I test my upload? Or does that only work with downloads?

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