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Adding Skip List feature when downloading torrent...


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Hi All,

jsut was thinking before it would be good to have like a skip list thing like in flashfxp.

what i mean is if you have the skiplist activated and lets say you were downloading a mp3 album on bt, often times they have instrumental and acapella trackes on them, now usually im not interested in them, so if we could have a skiplist that auto skips (un ticks or doesnt download) the files this would automate it a little more. so you could add files to the skiplist and automatically utorrent would skip these, but still give you the manual option to re-select them in the file list.

its just a handy little feature that i was thinking about before. could save bandwidth for some of the people on the slower links.

what do you all think?

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we already have the ability to not download certain files, so the argument about piece distribution is meaningless in this situation.

How about extending the request to skip over certain files to include regular expressions. That way, this request could be lumped into the previous request and it would make everyone requesting happy.

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