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µTorrent consumes all the system memory.


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I'd been using 2GB of memory (temporarily I'm using 1GB because I sent 1GB for repairing) I don't remember when it started but µTorrent started to consume all the system momory. I set the speed guide for 50Mbp/s and I'm using Windows Vista. I've reinstalled Windows Vista and I've upgraded µTorrent to the current version, but this phenomenon didn't disappear.


On the taskmanager, µTorrent is using only about 50MBs of memory, but the memory usage drops significantly when I closed µTorrent, so I'm sure µTorrent is causing the memory exhaustion.

How can I fix this problem?

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First of all, why on earth did you use 50Mbit from the speed guide? What upload speed does your ISP give you? Use that number. And I don't see it using all memory.

What antivirus and firewall (or other security software) are you running?

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This is a known problem with utorrent and Vista (vista x64 for me). Many users have been reporting it here, on the bugs section, and also on other forums. All over.

The utorrent developers don't want to do anything about it; they say it's a bug in the windows vista cache handling system.

Here is a thread I have opened about this a couple months ago, with replies from some of the developers (I had first supposed the bug was triggered only when burning dvds, but later found out that it can happen anytime for no apparent reason):


To fix this problem I am now using some other torrent applications like bitcomet, which does not have this problem (some users are saying that it is "going around" the vista caching system to avoid the problem).

The utorrent developers don't want to do anything about this (as Firon said it's a vista problem, not utorrent), so you have 3 choices:

1. learn to live with the problem

2. or use another torrent application, like bitcomet for example.

3. go back to windows xp

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Thank you all for answering my question.

To 5618,

I live in South Korea. Currently there are 3 types of FTTH (Fiber To The Home) service available for the public here. The Special service which provides 100Mbps (about 10MB/s) for both upload and download, the Premium service 50Mbps and the Light service 10Mbps. I'm using the Premium service, so I chose 50Mbit option at the Speed Guide. 100Mbps speed is common in Korea. I have not installed any anti-virus and even have disabled Windows Defender.

To Ultima,

I was using 1.6 but recently I've downloaded the 1.7 (build 2999) beta (or RC) version.


Your answer seems to be the closest answer. Maybe I should look for another software, but I've been using µTorrent ever since I first used bit torrent. So I'm hesitating to move on to another one. I'm going to install 2GB more RAM sooner or later, and let's see if µTorrent could consume 4GB of memory. (The price for RAM is very cheap these days, so I could afford more than 4GB but 4GB is the maximum amount of memory my motherboard supports.)

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To be clear: we are interested in fixing the problem, we just have not managed to reproduce it. If anyone has specific steps, settings, or hints on reproducing this problem please let us know.

Also, if anyone has more information beyond the BitComet "bypassing" the cache rumor, that would be helpful as well.

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I got just the same problem, expet I use Windows XP x64.

As I can remember it started yesterday, or was it the day before hmm...

Anyway I have't have this problem before, and I don't know why it started

(I have't done anything with my computer in a while).

The day it stated I had a shitload of programs running, and uTorrent was one of

the last programs that I was shutting down while a keept an eye on the memory.

And after I closed uTorrent it took a sec or two before a goot all my memory back,

at that moment I thought it was just a system error. The download was done anyway so I rebooted and did't think of it anymore, untill today when I thought it whould be a good idea to upgrade uTorrent to the newest build. When I was on your site I started to remember what happend, so I whent to the forum and found this thread.

Well I thought it might be a good idea to take a bunch of screens, and write a line or two to give the devs. a bit more info.

Here's a shot on the mem. usage after a few days uptime with gaming and all the shit you use the computer for. ;)


Just started uTorrent..


After about one minute.


And this is after 5 mins, you can start see the free memory going down abit.


After 10 mins, uTorrent is taking nearly 460MB of my RAM.


OMG HELP!!! - uTorrent have been running for 32 mins.


BOOM headshot! - after 1 hour all my memory is gone...


And after exiting uTorrent, it's all back :D


When it started I was using an older 1.7 build 18xx something i think it was,

so I downloaded the new RC2 build 2999 which was being used when the screens was taken.

And one more note for the devs. if I have some downloads running and uTorrent is eating all my RAM, if one of them become completed a big portion of memory is released.

Oh I almost forgot, it looks like it only happen with "fast" download, +800KB/sec.

I hope this helps, and you can work this out. Cus. I don't whant to change to another Torrent client.. :)


My computers specs:

AMD 64 X2 +4400

4GB Kingston RAM

76GB WD Raptor (System disk)

250GB WD Caviar (all my shit)

200GB Maxtor (some more shit)

This computer is running Windows XP x64.

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A 'free' page is one that contains nothing useful. A 'cached' page is one that contains something potentially useful. Cache pages are better than free pages. Looks to me like XP is doing just what it's supposed to - keeping potentially useful data in memory after it has been flushed to storage, in case it's wanted again. XP if I'm not mistaken only caches currently open files, so how much it can cache depends on the size of files currently open. With µTorrent you typically work with fairly sizable files so XP will cache a lot.

The 'commit charge' is the VM pressure leveraged by currently running processes and the kernel. It's the sum total of their allocations. This is the place to look for leaks.

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Ok, sorry about that :/

Process    PID    Image Type    CPU    CPU Time    CPU History    Description    Company Name
System Idle Process 0 90.00 3:40:41.078
Interrupts n/a 0.77 0:01:03.328 Hardware Interrupts
DPCs n/a 3.08 0:02:18.812 Deferred Procedure Calls
System 4 0:02:58.296
smss.exe 352 0:00:00.046 Windows NT Session Manager Microsoft Corporation
csrss.exe 404 0:00:10.203 Client Server Runtime Process Microsoft Corporation
winlogon.exe 428 0:00:00.953 Windows NT Logon Application Microsoft Corporation
services.exe 476 0:00:15.078 Services and Controller app Microsoft Corporation
svchost.exe 676 0:00:00.031 Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Microsoft Corporation
wmiprvse.exe 396 0:00:00.171 WMI Microsoft Corporation
CTXFISPI.EXE 2620 0:00:00.046 SPI Creative Technology Ltd
svchost.exe 728 0:00:00.578 Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Microsoft Corporation
svchost.exe 772 0:00:02.109 Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Microsoft Corporation
svchost.exe 828 0:00:00.062 Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Microsoft Corporation
svchost.exe 868 0:00:00.046 Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Microsoft Corporation
spoolsv.exe 1064 0:00:00.109 Spooler SubSystem App Microsoft Corporation
mainserv.exe 1168 32-bit 0:00:02.609 Battery backup management service American Power Conversion Corporation
ramaint.exe 1276 0:00:00.015 LogMeIn Maintenance Service LogMeIn, Inc
LogMeIn.exe 1324 0:00:00.156 LogMeIn LogMeIn, Inc.
mdm.exe 1376 32-bit 0:00:00.671 Machine Debug Manager Microsoft Corporation
mysqld-nt.exe 1424 32-bit 0:00:32.593
nvsvc64.exe 1460 0:00:00.078 NVIDIA Driver Helper Service, Version 101.09 NVIDIA Corporation
pnkbstra.exe 1476 32-bit 0:00:00.140
RichVideo.exe 1496 32-bit 0:00:00.015 RichVideo Module
svchost.exe 1544 0:00:00.031 Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Microsoft Corporation
searchindexer.exe 1780 0:00:01.625 Microsoft Windows Search Indexer Microsoft Corporation
alg.exe 492 0:00:00.015 Application Layer Gateway Service Microsoft Corporation
usnsvc.exe 1604 32-bit 0:00:00.468 Messenger Sharing USN Journal Reader Service Microsoft Corporation
lsass.exe 488 0:00:00.640 LSA Shell Microsoft Corporation
explorer.exe 2260 0:01:16.906 Windows Explorer Microsoft Corporation
NvMixerTray.exe 2344 32-bit 0:00:00.187 NVIDIA nForce Mixer Tray Application NVIDIA Corporation
rundll32.exe 2364 0:00:00.031 Run a DLL as an App Microsoft Corporation
LogMeInSystray.exe 2380 0:00:01.609 LogMeIn Desktop Application LogMeIn, Inc.
daemon.exe 2388 32-bit 0:00:00.015 Virtual DAEMON Manager DT Soft Ltd.
fraps.exe 2416 32-bit 0:00:00.812 Fraps Beepa P/L
fraps64.dat 1456 0:00:00.687 Fraps Beepa P/L
msnmsgr.exe 2432 32-bit 0:00:04.968 Messenger Microsoft Corporation
miranda32.exe 2544 32-bit 0:00:00.218 Miranda IM
firefox.exe 2916 32-bit 0.77 0:05:04.296 Firefox Mozilla Corporation
TSVNCache.exe 2644 0:00:01.500 TortoiseSVN status cache www.tortoisesvn.org
winamp.exe 1828 32-bit 0:00:58.734 Winamp Nullsoft
uTorrent.exe 1380 32-bit 3.08 0:01:22.984
taskmgr.exe 3912 0:00:05.125 Windows TaskManager Microsoft Corporation
procexp.exe 3468 32-bit 0:00:00.031 Sysinternals Process Explorer Sysinternals
procexp64.exe 3232 2.31 0:00:04.125 Sysinternals Process Explorer Sysinternals
CTHELPER.EXE 2512 32-bit 0:00:00.218
CTSysVol.exe 2576 32-bit 0:00:00.328 CTSysVol.exe Creative Technology Ltd
PDVDServ.exe 2608 32-bit 0:00:00.031 PowerDVD RC Service Cyberlink Corp.
jusched.exe 2656 32-bit 0:00:00.000 Java(TM) Platform SE binary Sun Microsystems, Inc.
apcsystray.exe 1976 32-bit 0:00:03.328 PowerChute system tray power icon American Power Conversion Corporation

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Here is my experience with this problem.

I started off with Windows XP and never had a problem. I recently upgraded to Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit edition.

While using uTorrent one night, I noticed my memory usage was sky high, higher than I've ever seen it. This was out of the blue, and nothing but uTorrent was running. I restarted the computer and my memory was back down to normal. I started uTorrent and everything appeared normal. An hour or so later, I check in and my memory usage is back to 80 or 90%. So I start looking in the process manager, and I see nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing seems to be using that much memory. So I start experimenting. The first thing I did was close uTorrent. A few seconds later, my memory usage is back to the normal 20-30%. I start up uTorrent and watch it for a little while, after about 45 minutes of running normally, my memory usage shoots up for an unknown reason. This result has been consistent in all my observations thus far.

I have been dealing with this issue by just closing uTorrent, and restarting it anytime I need to use my computer for something.

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