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something strange with port forward


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After struggling for a while i managed to to port forwardding myself.

My network status light always stayed yellow or red, but i was still able to quite effective and fast downloads.

Now after setting a new port and forwarded it i got eventually a GREEN status light, but almost no speed on my download.

I now have randomised the port again, have a YELLOW status light and a lower than average DL speed.

Can anybody please give me some advise?

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Was there a Lot of Seeds on the torrent you where Downloading and Not many Leechers?? If you randomized the port you are going to have to Find out the Port Number and then set that up in your Routers Port Forwarding section as you are No longer Port forwarded when you randomized the port.

I would suggest using a port in the 10000-50000 range as most ISP's do Not Block the higher Port Ranges.


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thanks for suggestion

Only 2 seeds running.

It actually seems that the problem or downloading is going fine now. DL speeds varies between 1 & 8 kb/s.

Current port 50 700 with green status light.

Also tried another torrent with more seeds and it works fine.

Thanks again


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