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where on mutorrent is this info supposed to go?


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I want to put my id number and my tracker url into mutorrent

where does a tracker announce go?

i mean, I have a website name and a tracker number for me,

I cant find the place on mutorrent to put it

I opened every single thing it took hours of poking - i did try!

the only thing that kinda looks like a tracker is in preferences/advanced/user interface

and those just look like sites we use to search for files with?

all instructions for trackers have to do with uploading but i dont have stuff to upload yet.

I wanted to leech first and then upload what i leeched?

I know there is a very simple first step and I cant figure it out.

I have looked in preferences, all of them.

"add torrent"

"add torrent from url"

"create torrent"

when i put in the url of the website and tracker number for me like


it refuses that kind of thing -

I know you gods of torrent will scoff at my stupidity, but I have not ignored the faqs, i have really looked but I dont even know what questions to ask or what searches to perform

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If you are simple trying to download a torrent, all you need to do is open it with µTorrent. All the info needed for downloading is already in it (such as the tracker address).


Guess I should just wait till Ultima goes to sleep :).

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If you are simple trying to download a torrent

That's the part he may not be understanding.


Using the search box in the upper corner of uTorrent, you can search various popular Torrent sites for files that you might like to download. You should see a link or a button that allows you to download a small file, with ".torrent" as the file extension. Pick that.

uTorrent may already be handling .torrent files for you, so it may just start automatically (perfect!). If not, then download the .torrent file to your desktop, then double-click it to add it to uTorrent, or drag-n-drop it, or use the various menus in uTorrent to open it. Any of those methods should help you begin the download.

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hi guys

thanks a lot for being so thoughtful and clear.

I figured out that the problem is not what i thought. I thought I was not using a tracker properly but thats not it. My mutorrent used to work and still works.

my problem is that mutorrent used to automatically download torrents, but now it isnt, and I cant fgure why it changed . It looks like another bittorrent program decided to be the downloader, and I'm not sure where that setting is. i assume its some preference setting like "what program should handle torrents?" I'm going to seek it out. maybe its in explorer, or in windows or maybe its in router settings.

I'll dig for it.

Thanks again.

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Go into that other application that's stealing the association and change its preferences so that it doesn't automatically associate itself with .torrent files. Afterwards, in µTorrent, go to Preferences > General > Windows Integration. Click that big button to associate .torrent files with µTorrent.

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yay! your idea worked! What i did was I went to an old .torrent file and said "open with" and then selected utorrent. and then it also had a check box at the bottom that said "click here if you want this to be the program that always handles this type of file". Once I did that, it was all golden.

you have saved me! what a relief. i didnt say so because i didnt want to look too dumb, but I actually spent days looking for the solution to this problem. whoo! I bless you and all your future generations! generation ultima moderator v.2, v.6, yea verily, unto v3.11, all shall be kissed by the monitor angels :) :) may your screen savior never go dark! boy, am I giddy or what?

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