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99% cpu


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I've been running uTorrent for some months now.

But I'm having trouble with high cpu after a while.

I've tested a few different version, including 1.6.1, 1.7 Beta 2951 and 1.7 RC2.

The RC2 is the worst so far, I had uTorrent running for about 30min then it was up to 99%.

What happens is that the speed slows down to zero and the cpu goes up to 99%.

I can close uTorrent, but when I try to the GUI disappears but the app is still running.

I can't restart or shutdown my computer normally so I have to reset it everytime it happens.

I'm not behind any firewall or have any anti-virus running.

Does anyone have any suggestion what I can do?

I really like uTorrent, been trying a few other torrent apps but this is the one for me, except for the high cpu load.

So, any tips?


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