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Download speed question


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When I am d'loading a file under 100mb it down loads at 100+kbs, but when i try a file 4+gb it only d'loads at under 20kbs? I have forwarded the port etc. and have the green tick. I have cable and up to 2mb.

Also when downloading under 100mb file, surfing the net is normal, but when downloading a larger file (4+gb) surfing the net is really slow.

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try running the speed test a few times. get a nice median number and calculate the values you state like this:

Maximum upload speed

upload speed *0.80

Maximum download speed

download speed *0.90

Maximum connected peers per torrent

upload speed * 1.3

Maximum upload slots

1 + (upload speed / 6)

remember be concise and tweak your settings until you get what you want. i myself havent done any port forwarding and iam getting speeds around 150 KB/s on a RR wifi connection. not a bad deal. good luck.

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