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uTorrent causes PC network to be sluggish


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As an example, I was running

* Windows Server 2003

* AMD Athlon XP 2200+

* 512MB DDR (333MHz) RAM

uTorrent (latest...)

Whenever I opened uTorrent, the network became increasingly sluggish. uTorrent itself was getting incredible speeds. However, the server I was running uTorrent on was a file server and browsing network shares, streaming media content, was unbearable.

CPU usage was minimal, and RAM usage was fine...

Turns out, I had too many 'connections' globally in uTorrent. There were over 300, and the PC (or perhaps gigabit NIC) couldn't handle it.

Lowering the max number of global connections increased performance drastically on the rest of the services that the server provided.

Just posting in case someone else ever comes across this issue.

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