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Suggest Optimal Settings for my Speed


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Hey guys. I would just like to know the optimal settings for my Utorrent. According to speedtest.net, my DL speed is 2979kbps and UL is 345kbps.

Here are my current uTorrent settings:

Max DL speed: 310kBps

Max UL speed: 30kBps

Global Max Number of Connections: 500

Max number of connected peers per torrent: 300

Number of Upload Slot per torrent: 4

Protocol Encrytion: Enabled ( Allowed incoming legacy connections )

TCPIP patched to 100

My system is Windows XP, 1.83GHz ( Dual Core ), 2GB RAM. I am running the latest Utorrent beta/ I know the Globax Max No. is a little high. Can anyone suggest the best setting for my system to achieve optimum speeds. Thanks!

PS. Btw, whats Limit Local Peer Bandwidth under Preferences--> BitTorrent? Mine is unchecked. Should I check it?

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Your settings seem ok. You could maybe lower the connections per torrent a bit. And don't run/upload more than 2-3 torrents at a time. You can also follow the Speed Guide (Ctrl+G)

Enable Local Peer Discovery allows µTorrent to attempt to determine whether a peer is on the same LAN as the computer it is running on. If so, then transfer rates will not be limited for that peer.

Taken from: http://www.utorrent-deutsch.de/downloads/utorrent.chm

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Oh ok. Now Ive got a new problem. I can only download 1 torrent at a time... The seeds for the other torrents show 0 no matter how many seeds there are. My torrent settings all 5 torrent at any one time. This is happening on both RC5 and RC6. I just formatted my laptop and downloaded utorrent. Having this problem from then. How can i fix this?

EDIT: Yep, I am downloading a torrent with over 2k seeds and 3k peers, but uTorrent is showing 0(0) seeds and 0(410) peers. I notice it take abt 15 mins to start ( every torrent except the first one ). Is there any solution for this?

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