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uTorrent 1.2.1 beta 3 - A lot of wasted data


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Hi. I think that utorrent is a great BT client, but I found one really annoying thing in that version - a lot of a wasted data while downloading torrent. It never happens in that amounts of data.

In the moment I'm downloading two torrents:

- 2.68GB - downloaded 2.43GB, wasted 520MB (48 hashfails) and it's increasing all the time (about 100kB wasted data for a 300kB-500kB downloaded data)

- 482MB - downloaded 73.3MB and wasted 7.8MB (0 hashfails)

It's normal that some clients download more data that it needs (i.e. BitComet), but not that amount of data! These two torrents are quite popular and I set 100 connections active connections for each one. Till now I was using BitComet (for very good DHT support) and it wasted data, but not so much as uTorrent. It was about 200-250MB for a 10GB torrent, but in normal Azureus or BitComet download only a little more that it needs.

I'm using 256/128kb cable connection and there are no problems with the connection like lost signal or something like that.

Tell me what could be wrong? It's a problem because it wasted a lot of data and a time. Is there an option to automatically ban IP that regular send broken data (like in the other clients)?

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