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XP/Vista freezes when using uTorrent (in fact ANY torrent client)


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Okay, here's the deal.

About a month ago everything was just fine. I've been downloading dozens of gigabytes of files, never had any problems.

I was using WinXP SP2 and then Vista Ultimate.

But a week ago or so I've started to experience major problems with all the torrent clients. At some point (could be in 10 or 30 mins after I start uTorrent, for instance) the system just freezes and the only way to revive it is to push reset button.

I've looked everywhere, found some solutions which were of no use for me (deleting msn messenger from the system, updating LAN card drivers, patching system files, switching torrent clients, using different trackers, switching operating systems, etc). What has happened - i do not know, everything was just fine before, on this very configuration.

Does anybody have a slightest clue?

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MB: Abit IC7-G;

CPU: P4 3000MHz;

Video: nVidia GF7600GS;

RAM: 1 GiG;

Network card: intel pro/1000 CT, integrated into MB;

2HDDs, both Seagate Barracuda, IDE;

OS: Windows XP Pro SP2 and Vista Ultimate;

Security: Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro, Eset NOD32 Antivirus system;

But all of this doesn't really matter, i suppose, for it was fine before. I've downloaded a 43 GiG torrent in june on the very same system.

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8 max halfopen

BTW, I tried:

1. Reinstalling Windows;

2. Different versions of Windows;

3. I've downloaded the latest drivers for chipset and LAN card;

4. I've patched tcp/ip;

5. I've tried different torrent clients (now I'm trying to get a torrent using Opera);

6. Tried different trackers;

7. Deleting MSN messenger;

None of the above helped.


I've moved my downloads to another hard drive and tried to continue downloading, but I got that pesky freezing again!

Seems like a dead end, doesn't it?


Yyyyesss! I've found the source of the evil.

Twas a large file (iso, 4.4GiB) downloaded from demonoid.com, whenever I try to finish it up, the system hangs. It's still at 99.5%. I guess, that's just it, this very download, coz all the others go just fine.

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I think I add a bit more information to this problem since I have it to, no solution however.

Haven't tried it on any other torrent clients either.

utorrent for some reason cannot resume unfinished torrents and the check will be stuck at 0.00% (for all unfinished files) or check really, really slowly. The system's RAM becomes maxed out before the system simply freezes up and the only way to get the computer working again is to force a reboot.

uploading works just fine

Whats strange is that this problem is really recent, started happening just a day ago...

My OS would be Windows Vista home edition or whatever crap they tack on at the end of vista.


Dunno if this will fix it for you, but it... seems to be working now for me

Ran a check disk

Updated OS with latest updates from microsoft

Ran Ad aware + spy bot killer

Crossed fingers

and for some reason it works again

maybe some data got corrupted along the way while dling? *shrug*

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