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New to uTorrent - Clearwire Question


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I have been using BitComet for several years now, however I find that it isn't my cup of tea anymore, and I have decided to switch. Mainly because they cram too much into that program anymore and there are too many ads and a lot of nonsense.

Anyways, I did have a chance to go through some of the forum and I was curious about what has been said about my ISP, Clearwire. And it seems that I have learned a lot recently about it, no thanks to the BitComet forums. I am happy to know that it does have problems and my lack of speed recently isn't due to some super crafty virus. So what I am trying to wrap my brain around is that clearwire's problem is that it throttles the connection preventing a smooth P2P connection from establishing, or something like that. So that means doom to those of us with 8 months left on our contract?

I guess the more important thing I want to ask is if someone can help me with setting up my uTorrent program to be the best it can, assuming 5kB/s is now my standard. I did a speed test and I got 1220kb/s for upload and 170kb/s. I wanted to know that if I have this upload speed, should I put in my max at 192kb/s or 128kb/s? I am not sure if it is a good idea to round up, but it isn't like I can get a lot of good juice out of my connection due to my ISP.

And I guess my last question is, since I use clearwire, and I have no router, do I need things checked in uTorrent like port mapping or should I uncheck it? I guess I could try either way, but I was told on BitComet since I don't use a router, I should have it unchecked, however, since I have a funkey ISP, I wouldn't want to assume it is exactly the same.

Well, thanks for reading what questions and concerns I have. Thank you very much!

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Take a look at this thread for a possible solution for Clearwire's throtting. If it works, then it means you'll survive the next 8 months (at least unless Clearwire starts throttling harder).

For upload, it should probably be safe to select xx/192k and lowering the upload rate to 15KiB/s (or thereabouts). As for port forwarding, check the port checker included in the Speed Guide. If it says OK, then you don't need to forward your port.

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I have clearwire, and if I am seeding, I hit 10 to 20 all the time, if I am initial seeding that is where I have problems, downloads, hit about 20 if enough seeding...

1.5 up 256 down.

Make sure you are getting all the bars on the modem, if you are only getting 1 or 2, it is going to be slow, I get all 5 most of the time... I have to reset mine every couple of days...

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