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Status update issues?


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I've observed a strange behavior while using the latest beta version(s) of uTorrent, which I didn't with the 1.6 release.

The issue is with the communication with the private tracker when I stop a torrent. With the old version I could see by checking the tracker if my torrent was active or not (regardless whether I was downloading or uploading) within minutes status change (start/stop). Now with this new beta version I can see when I start a torrent because it is immediately registered by the tracker, but when I stop it, it looks like tracker is not notified and the torrent stay active forever (or probably hours), which means that because of it other peers were trying to connect to inactive torrent, which in return generates a lot of unnecessary traffic. Is that normal or am I missing a settings somewhere that I was suppose to turn on for that to happen?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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