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SkyDSL (satellite proxy) - need to switch between HTTP and Socks


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Because I am located far, far away from any DSLAM, in a glass fibre area, there is no chance to get a direct highspeed Internet connection (cable DSL would require copper cables). The only chance is "SkyDSL", consisting of Satellite downstream (1 Mbps at max, usually much less), ISDN Flatrate upstream (64 kbps), and a software proxy managing the downstream packet filtering.

The proxy software supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP via HTTP, and (mostly) SOCKS v5 - TCP only, though. The default settings are: Port 9202 for HTTP, HTTPS and FTP; Port 9203 for SOCKS.

When I open a Torrent file, I need to switch briefly to the HTTP proxy setup to allow uTorrent to find the trackers (else I would always get "unknown host" errors), and then I should return to SOCKS proxy settings (with "proxy server for peer-to-peer" enabled) to download flawlessly from seeders and peers.

Is this really necessary? Would it be possible to change the options page to allow using different proxy options for different parts of the connection and download procedure? Or is there a trick to allow "DNS lookup via SOCKS", and not needing the HTTP proxy part at all anymore?

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