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Recommended ADSL Modem?


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So I moved from an apt with a 2MB/1MB line to a house that uses Bellsouth (I guess it's AT&T now) DSL service (600KB/50KB).

My WRT54GL router had no problems handling all the Bittorrent connections I had open while maintaining surfing and online gaming (latency wise) back in the apartment.

However, now that I'm in the house with a Westell B90 DSL modem, it takes forever to access a site and online gaming is out of the question with Bittorrent open (latency wise).

I'm guessing the DSL modem provided by my service provider is a no-go? I've changed the modem to Bridge Mode and have the latest firmware flashed - still bad latency with BT.

So can anyone recommend a good DSL modem? I'd like to keep my router since that's fine, I just wish my modem could handle multiple connections better.

Thanks! :D

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Thanks. I disabled DHT, UPnP, and Resolve IPs. *should've checked the FAQ first - feel like an idiot*

It definitely helped, though not exactly the same ping (normal - 50, now ranges from 80-150) in online games as when I'm not using uTorrent. But definitely allows me to quickly surf the net.

Well, if anyone has a recommendation on a solid DSL modem that they know can handle uTorrent, surfing, and online games (FPS) feel free to let me know.

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