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Cannot get my green tick back!


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Hi everyone...

When I first started using Utorrent with a router, I had problems with slow speeds and not being able to get the green tick to appear in Utorrent...

Anyway, after I port forwarded and set windows firewall exceptions manually the green tick appeared and things were working ok. When I did a port forward test in Utorrent, it showed up as blocked. This I found very strange because I had the green tick, but things were running ok so I ignored it...

2 days back I built myself a new machine, I did a fresh install of windows etc... I had made a note of my forwarded ports (although they are still saved on the router) and when I reinstalled Utorrent I set my port to the same as before. Next I set windows firewall manually, again to the port I was using previously. So in theory things should work with no problems as before...? WRONG!

I get the yellow/orange triangle which eventually turns to the red icon. My speeds are poor too.

I am asking myself "what has changed from before?" The answer is nothing. This is really screwing my head up.

I dont use any other firewall, just windows firewall, so this cant be the problem. I use a couple of spyware programs which dont interfere (to my knowledge anyway), and I use Avast anti-virus. I dont use any other p2p software, so there can't be any conflicting there either.

I have followed the guides online for settings, tweaking, updating that file in windows that changes to 50 (cant remember its name).... and still no joy!

I have come to the end with it all now, I'm just hoping someone out there knows how to solve this problem?


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