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1.7 build 3265 dual partition bug?


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Hey!. Just Installed winxp PRO X64 and made a new 10GB partition on my HDD for my OS, but I changed my "My Documents" to my D:\ (other Partition.) I downloaded and installed 1.7 build 3265 but when I start a download and Utorrent finally gets a piece ( when the progress bar says 0.1%) I get "Access is denied" error. I can fix this by right clicking and selecting "set download location", but have to do it manually with each torrent. I PERMANENTLY fixed this by manually changing the default download location to d:\documents\downloads, but had to create folders, ect on my own. annoying problem, dunno if it's really a bug, but if someone like my dad was using this proggy, he'd have no clue what to do.

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