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How to make a torrent


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I have never ever ever made a torrent. Frankly, I don't know how. Most of what I seed is from downloads. Well I shut down my pc overnight(first time ever b/c I usally leave it running) I just installed Kaspersky antivirus. I turned my pc on this morning and Utorrent had reinstalled. Utorrent was at absolute 0 for any files. Everything I downloaded and seed was not in Utorrent anymore. All my files are stored on 3 hard drives. I asked earlier about re-queing or re-populating my list, but I was told I needed to go to files, add torrent, and let it recheck.....

The only problem is when I open up the folder to add, it cannot read the file. I guess the files I downloaded are not actual torrents? I have never made a torrent. I usually just download and seed. So what can I do to get these files seeding again. Maybe I need to learn how to make a torrent too? um, Help?

Thanks for any help. Ashley

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