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Auto limit download speed by 'Analyzing Write Cache'


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Hi guys,

First, here's the main point which shouldn't happen to 90% percentage of people here.

This is what to be for 1G Internet Port (125M/s Max bandwidth) which surely cause HDD to get overloaded W/O limiting download speed.

And yet as everyone has seen the problem about non-linear disk writing, fragmentation of file, number of files, even system cache setting, all those would result in different "HDD usage" and maximum write speed available for 1 HDD.

but all those above can be inspected by looking at Write Cache statistics.

if the cache is increasing -> auto lower DL limit speed.

if the cache is decreasing -> auto incre DL limit speed.

repeat until we get stable write caching point (not increasing or decreasing)

may be to lock it down at 50%(or adjustable) of cache setting for lazy cache write method to get most writing performance for Harddisk

result in maximum available Download Speed for HDDs without having to worry about overflow Write caching causing Disk Overload.

Problem to look at :

- cache setting : write immediate after piece finished

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I'm not sure I follow you, because the cache is supposed to reduce disk writes. It is supposed to increase to a point, then write.

I think you might mean to say that if the cache is overloaded, then reduce the download speed. I have run into this when using a second torrent client on my LAN -- and received about 2 GB of information at 5 MB/s. The validation (hash checking) of the incoming pieces seemed to be the choke point. However, uTorrent handled it gracefully, but it did fall way behind.

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yes, also it still means to reduce disk writes., which even better point of performances.

also yes, to reduce the download speed when cache is overloaded,

please imagine if you're about to download at 30MB/s plus uploading at 30MB/s, what you need to do is to try to get the best download speed which cache doesn't get overloaded.

So this option would result in

- Best HDD performance, since we've a lot better lazy writing cache(if we really can hold the cache to a certain point)

- Best Upload speed, compared from HDD usage from Writing/Reading (it won't be that hard for 100M Port, but what about 1G port.. not that easy)

- Best Ram(Cache) Usage.

As far I know uTorrent calculates the upload rate from acceleration of cache, when cache is increasing, uT would reduce UL speed to get better writing, no matter what real HDD usage is. this should be easily apply into Download limit.

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I had the same problem (i often download at 50 mbps).

But the solution is much simpler:


Options->Preferences->Advanced->Disk Cache

i checked "Override automatic cache size..." and set the size to 60MB, witch works great for me: the cache doesn't overload anymore. You can try different values, to see witch works for you.

Sorry this reply is 1 year late, but I am a new member and I stumbled upon your thread while searching for something else. Hope though it will help others too.

P.S. And this makes the need to limit speed useless: so I consider increasing the cache size more effective and friendly than limiting the download speed.

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