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Port Forwarding


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Hello, I am fairly new to this forum but not to the utorrent process. I recently discovered the whole Port Forwarding process and figured I would give it a shot. I have compared my average download speed of about 10.0 kB/s to that of others who have reached 100.0+, and figured this process would be the best solution.

I used the search button to look for others with my problem, but none have really answered my question.

I followed the process of port forwarding, and felt I completed all the steps. However, I entered my port, 54891, into the designated area, as well as all the other necessary information. Everything appears to be in order, but when I open up utorrent again, and wait for a few moments, the yellow triangle remains. I check to see if my port if forwarded properly, and just as it is as I always check, it is not forwarded properly. I wonder if there was another step I missed, or simply am not understanding.

In general order of how I entered everything:

I use a Linksys WRT54GS.

I have found and entered my Static IP.

I have entered the port, 54891.

I accessed the Linksys setup.

I disabled the Block Anonymous Internet Requests checkbox.

I saved the settings.

I entered the Applications & Gaming, and entered the IP and Port I found prior.

For application I tried both Utor1 and utorrent.exe.

I clicked enable.

I saved the settings.

Even as I type this, my download rate decreased to 0.1 kB/s, and the red icon appears.

Any and all information is accepted. Thank you in advance.

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