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Impossible to install language pack


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After download last uTorrent version (1.7 build 3295) I tried to install language pack for 1.7 RC6 version. Those were downloaded from uTorrent website.

When I opened Options > Preferences... > General and I listed the language suply I only found English language.

What's wrong?

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First: utorrent 1.7.1 build 3360 is the actual version

If you have problems with the languagepack, just try (in utorrent) "Help" "Download translation".

Or download the languagepack again (utorrent.lng) and copy it into the same folder as utorrent.exe

utorrent will install the languagepack automatically.

But there must not be an existing file "utorrent.exe.lang.txt" (specific translation file for only one language) in that folder!

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