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µTorrent 1.7.2 released


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Because, it looks better with the capital letter. XD

But now i see that the memory usage goes up and down. I am currently downloading two files and the download and upload rate are pretty much kept the same as the average. However, the memory usage sometimes goes as high as 24K and other times as little as 9K.

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on my Intel mobile centrino laptop, with 1 GB ram and 100 GB hard drive, 2D graphics card and Windows XP Home it takes 7,208k to run and 00% CPU usage and I am using utorrent 1.6.1, I am still little fishy about using 1.7.2, and I think I got few viruses and spywares running around in my PC.

and ya I have latest ipfilter.dat list and this spec was taken with no torrent (seeding or downloading) in utorrent.

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Sorry to bother,but im new here and we have some users who r getting u torrent errors when they r using vista ..and its saying that they are being redirected to another area im sure its vista...anyone have any suggestions ..i have searched thru forums and see no posts on this issue but now i have 5 users getting the same issue,i have went thru the setups with them as best i can,im on xp and no errors,..im sure its a vista issue,so how do we reroute around it...any good techies here on vista? thank your all for your help app it much

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I'm kinda glad that these dumb people will stop using uTorrent. It would be nice tho if they didn't feel the need to let us know.

The trackers will get sorted out over time, I'm sure. At least most of them.

And, I'm begging one more time, please make the UPnP logging default, so I could get only UPnP info, not *EVERYTHING*.

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well I I gave my suggestion for a reason well I just downloaded vista and found a updated crack and I didn't read the discrypsion and double clicked on it (as my anti virus didn't detect anything) and got a virus so I now have to reinstall everything in my PC and just to have some comments from ppl might have prevented it, I am not asking for a lot...

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Hi Developers,

I feel sorry that you have to read insulting 'Dear John' messages from these moaning self-proclaimed "long-time users". Do they really think anyone cares if they stop using µTorrent?

Please remember there are lots of people (the silent majority) who still appreciate your efforts.

Keep up the good work.


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u torrent is the best client i ever used..and I would like to thank everoyone who works hard to let us use it...I have been using utorrent for bout two month and my version is 1.7.2

everytime i open the utorrent a dialouge box appears for new version...i asked for it but there was something wrong with the language part so the operation failed...

anyways this is not the problem..

the problem is ..everytime i try to download avi files from a certain uploader whom im used to , it fails and a message appears saying the system couldnt find path specified..

can anyone help me on this??

I would be grateful

thanks and

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is anyone got this announcement on a private site?


# 2007-07-18 - µTorrent Ver. 1.7 *update*

Due to a bug in µTorrent version 1.7 and in 1.7.1, this client has been banned from the site. Please download 1.7.2 and use that instead. You can download this from here. The concerns regarding this client have been resolved, and further information will be posted in the dedicated thread in the Forums. The previous version 1.6.1 will still be supported on our site.


what is all about?

what kind of a bug?

is it going to be fix?

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