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µTorrent 1.7.2 released


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It's not clear what you're referring to. µTorrent doesn't automatically hide things after a few minutes... At any rate, if you want to troubleshoot, start a new thread in the appropriate forum (and describe your problem more clearly).

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I have some problems with 1.7 final...

Seems that it reports incorrect data on some large torrents.

For example I downloaded a 4.31 GB torrent from a private tracker and uTorrent only reported 316 MB. This happened multiple times... Never had these problems with uT 1.6.1.

I went back to 1.7 RC2 (b 2999) and everything works fine... I think the problem with the reporting appeared in the next builds.

So unfortunately I cannot use the final uTorrent 1.7 because I risk getting banned on private trackers for "cheating". Hope this issue will be resolved soon.

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--- 2007-07-04: Version 1.7 (build 3148)

- Change: Only report downloaded, verified good pieces in tracker announce

Hm. I wonder if that has to do with this change... If so, then the attempt to make ratio tracking more honest did the opposite, it seems...

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i want to have that "what do you want to install" screen back (did something wrong) but how

i delete the utorrent.exe and the map Utorrent at C:\Documents and Settings\MyName\Application Data, then download it again with language pack and start it, doesn't work (something in registry or what?) still don't get that "do you want to install?" thing

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It seems this final 1.7 build eats up a bit more of memory.

The first time i started it, almost 10 MB were used instead of an average of 6 MB with many 1.7 Beta builds. This increase is relatively huge although 4 more MB used on machines that usually have 512 MB (or more) main memory doesn't make a problem.

I'm just wondering what happened that can justify such a memory usage "jump".

Wow! Now it's 16 MB of RAM usage... o_O

I think uTorrent users are not used to such values...

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If the upload stats are wrong, they aint Petabyte wrong.

So it looks like only the Download stats are messed up.


I just saw the same bug on an US Tracker:

Download rate

1,394.04 TB/s

µTorrent/1.7.0 (3341)

Only Speed is reported, i has no affect on the Profil Stats.

Could it be a problem with No Connectable user? Cause they are.

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Thanks for the release but can you check, why does language pack not working properly? I switched to Russian, restarted uTorrent and still some strings are at english! For example "Remove And"... i saw at least 4 such errors already(i think there can be more of them), and this strings can't be changed because i think they are being overrided by program itself, not by language file.

Please fix this, and thanks in advance!

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Problem after installation:

uTorrent 1.7 reports that I am not connectable since upgrading from 1.6, however, the stats show that I am both uploading and downloading without any problem.

When I run the speed test and "test if port is forwarding properly" i get the message that I am unable to port forward. Some sites report that I am not connectable, yet other users from the site are connected and I am uploading too them.

(Using Vista, Firefox & Netgear router)

Any suggestions?

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