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µTorrent 1.7.2 released


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Yesterday utorrent auto updated and now it's not seeding on torrents that previously would have been seeding(lots of peers and less seeders), I tried to uninstall and use an older version but the new version seems to be the one that starts again. How do I get back to an older version please? My ratio is gonna be rubbish!

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Having the same bug capetraveller has not connectable. The problem is utorrent won't forward the port using upnp. The logger shows its not working. In 1.6.1 i get

Loaded ipfilter.dat (245988 entries)

UPnP: Discovered new device: http://192.168.#.#:5431/uuid:0016-018d-744202001cf4/WANIPConnection:1

UPnP: Mapped port ##### -> 192.168.#.###:#####

In new version nothing gets mapped.

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It's not an installer. It's still a standalone executable, which you can see by hitting no when it asks.

If you hit yes, it moves itself to a new location. It's not "deleting the installer", because there isn't a god damn installer file in the first place.

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Okay, lets imagine there is a torrent file with two annouce urls:

1. http://domain:port

2. http://ipaddress:port

(ipaddress lookups to domain so its a backup in case of DNS problems)

but in the µTorrent they are listed as 2. and then 1. So annouce comes from 2.

Is that feature or bug?

[edit] and btw announce parameter is explicitly set to 1. so I wonder why 2. is used.

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the 16x16 4bpp icon should simply be removed! useless and bad-looking for every display mode under 32bpp...

but please consider use the icons I've remade in next release! they're simply always better looking

I do not think the 4bits 16x16 icon is useless, not all machines run in 32bits mode, it takes more resources.

Hope the developers add it.

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No, but you cant with the ctrl key either.

I take your point that works in windows, but it doesnt work in uTorrent (or it isnt working for me - if i try select a c and e it selects everything!

Edit... ok - i've just managed to get it to work, still, i never use that, and i use ctrl and down and up to shift torrents around all the time. Think i'm gonna downgrade...

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