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µTorrent 1.7.2 released


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uTorrent told me there was an update - would I like to..

I thought I'd check out the change log before getting the upgrade, but couldn't see anything new.

(I'm sure the dealing with >4GB was already there)

Anyway my point is that the build I have is 3353 - which isn't mentioned in the changelog (unless I've caught you in the act of updating the details, in which case just ignore me!), so I'm a bit confused.

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Found a bug under WinPE. The GUI mostly isn't working when executing uT V1.7.1. It is however working (downloading and uploading). Under WinPE we start uT with the /hide option. For troubleshooting purposes we use the BOSS-Key. That is how we discovered that the mostly doesn't start because the BOSS-key function failed.

Version V1.6.1 doesn't have this problem.

I already informed Alus about it (but I think he's taking a vacation)

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now that i've installed 171, my speeds have dropped from an average of 350 kbs + to about 50kbs. Do i need to go back and reconfigure all my little tweeks, or should everything still be the same? AND could this slow down be related to sites banning 171?

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The tooltip shows the amount of _torrents_, and the column shows the _seeds_ for one particular torrent, no discrepancy there.


I see, that's nice how it detects private torrents.

"detect"? It's a special flag in the torrent-file...

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