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Tray Icon stops responding on double click.


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Hello, i am having a strange Problem lately.

First of all, i am using uTorrent 1.7 Build 3295 and running Windows Vista 32bit.

When i start to download something with uTorrent, it works fine untill the download is done and it starts seeding.

From that Moment on, the Tray icon doesnt react on a double click anymore.

Right Click -> Hide / show uTorrent works fine.

Also, using the Single Click Option still works after uTorrent downloaded something.

When i close and restart uTorrent, the double click works again as well.

Since i got used to the double click, i wondered if theres any way to fix it. ;)

Thanks a lot,

Zoriel :)

Not sure if it helps in any Way but it cant hurt to mention, that i have a similar Problem with another Program called "Orbit Downloader".

The system Icon there stops responding once a Download starts.

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