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strange green sign/yellow sign problem


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Hi all,

i have looked around this forum and the net trying to find a solution to my problem.

Here is the problem,when i start utorrent i get the yellow triangle saying i'm behind a firewall,while the triangle is there i get reasonable DL and UL speeds but as soon as it turns green my speeds drop to 0 and stay there apart from when it connects to a seed,it will come up with 0.1kB/s for a split second then nothing.

i have uninstalled,re-installed,reconfigured using guides on the net and i'm happy with my set up apart from this slight problem.any help on resolving this would be greatly appreciated :D

i upgraded to 1.7 and am using XP Pro.

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i restored my pc to before i upgraded to 1.7 and it's working fine again so going to stick with the set up i've got now.

i've got a 2.3 meg connection,i've got my upload set at 10kB/s and download at 30 kB/s,still playing around to find the best set up but would still like an answer if anyone has 1 :D

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