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[utorrent 1.7 3341] Crashed after quitting, changing language....


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My new uTorrent 1.7 3341 always is crashing after right click on tray icon and select exit, crashing also when i choose: change language from Preferences.

In this situations a new window created ("A you sure?" or "You must restart utorrent"). And then utorrent offer to do a dump :| or restarting uTorrents which doesn't work either...

This so sad, because 1.6.1 version is working without any problems.

What is going on? :(

And is crashing after choosing "Show statistic"...

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My OS:

Windows XP Pro SP1

Ok, I found this:

MIPro.dll MouseImp PRO hook module TV4 STUDIOS 1.02.0000.0049

MouseImp PRO host module <-------this is reason....

^^^^^^^ when this program is running The uTorrent 1.7 3341 crashed all the time whe n i choose exit or statistic.

Without MouseImp PRO - uTorrent 1.7 works flawlessly ;D

But I'm still using MIPRO as replacement for mouse scroll, so i'm going back to utorren 1.6:(

I downloaded latest version of MouseImp PRO Live http://www.mouseimp.com/

and it's the same problem...

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