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New Computer, Please Help!!


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Good afternoon, My name is Tim. I love uTorrent and the endless amount of stuff you can get from torrents. I use the software at home all of the time. I bought a new computer to bring with me on my deployment to Baghdad. I am here now and downloaded uTorrent on my new Gateway Laptop. I am running Windows XP SP2. I am connected through the internet via my wireless adaptor and a local ISP. I am getting nothing when it comes to uTorrent. I am recieving an error code in the tracker status: Proxy connect error: offline (timed out). uTorrent sees the seeders but is not connecting to any of them. I am using EZ Trust Firewall. I have allowed uTorrent in all the possible ways with the firewall. Any ideas would be a great help. I use uTorrent on my pc at home with no problems. In our off time there isn't much to do over here but to watch movies and listen to music. Thanks a bunch to anyone who responds.


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