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Download Limitted/Port Not Open


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Hi. My downloads are extrememly slow. I checked a few forums to see if it would help me out. None did.

Modem: Sprint 645 Series

Router: WGR614 v. 7

ISP: Embarq (was Sprint)

Program Model: Utorrent 1.7 3353 build

--Anymore info needed let me know.

Problem-Utorrent is saying the downloads are limited. Also, when I do a port check, it says "the port does not appear to be open." I've tried everything from resetting my router to portforward.com and nothing has changed the status of this problem. I don't think I have ever seen it go green. It's been red once or twice when I was messing with my router. Its back to yellow status. Thanks for any possible help.

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According to that picture you could use xx/256k in Speed Guide (CTRL+G).

...since 260 kilobits/sec upload speed is equal or greater than 256 kilobits/sec.

If you share your connection with others, then you might want a lower speed guide setting.

But if you set it below xx/96k, it can severely impact performance due to the Download Limited limitations.

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