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uTorrent 1.7 'hides' torrents


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At startup, and what 1.6 looked like:


What 1.7 looks like after a couple of minutes, and torrents just disappearing:


As you can see in the second screenshot, uTorrent is still uploading the files, but it just does not show them. Changing the maximum number of active torrents does not help.

Also, it seems to me that it are the same torrents 'disappearing' each time it happens. They just, one by one, flash away after uTorrent has been open for about 10 seconds.

1.6 never gave my any problems of this kind, could someone help me troubleshoot this one?

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Omg how simple. As I never ever used those categories, I didn't think of that at all, lol...

No idea how it came this way, as the switching to 1.6 'solved' it, while having that view option turned off all the time, and using the same config on both..

I bet 1.7 fixes it to inactive..

Thanks ;)

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