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Cant download anything since upgrade to 1.7 and now with 1.6.1 neither


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I´ve been using utorrent since a while, and never had any problem. Today, i´ve upgraded to 1.7 and since then, i cant download or upload anythingm it didnt receive any connections.

I´ve got windows XP and a modem Linksys WGR54 and i checked the port (22695) it seemed open, but since i couldnt download anything, i uninstalled it, and download again 1.6.1. But i´ve got the same problem. I opened the new port in the forum (66033) and when i check it using Ctrl + G it says its open, but when i add a new torrent..it keeps dead. I check it again, and it says port seems closed.

Firewall and antivirus allow all conexions to utorrent.

Thanks in advance. I really dont know what its the problem.

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