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File size limit revisited


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I am getting the "out of disk space" error on a torrent that includes a file over 2GB (NOT 4GB) with µTorrent 1.6.1, it persists after upgrading to 1.7.1.

The files are stored on a D-Link DNS-323 NAS appliance mounted as windows-share. I have verified that the NAS can in fact manage files over 2GB by copying and retrieving a large file using windows explorer.

Is there anything I can do about this?

Thanks in advance to anyone reading this and also to the µTorrent Team for providing this great program in the first place!


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> Is the path too long?

I don't think so. It's three levels down from the root directory and all parts of the path are 8+3-Names.

I have verified by copying a different large file (not from the torrent obviously) to the target-name and -location the torrent-downloaded file would be at. No problem.

Ciao, MM

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