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Meaning of line colors on speed graph


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Dear Firon sir, you suggesting I'm seeing things that ain't there? :-)

They're there, but only as a little spike at the beginning of UL or DL.

They go up to about 0.25 KB's and drop out.

There are actually four lines, honestly.

I'll get 1.7.1

Thanks and I hope someone else gets 'em so you don't think I'm whacko.

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The fuschia-colored line,( I callled it purple), represents the current global upload speed going toward local peers.

The cyan-colored line, (I called it lite blue), represents the current global download speed coming from local peers.

Thanks Ultima, please tell Firon Lucephus Is not stoned and thank him for me..

You guys do great work, I wouldn't use any other client.

Over and out

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