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µTorrent Skinning Attempts Thread


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Pixelart by Determination

I fooled around with many different variants of arrows, etc... but it all seemed so bleh. So, inspired by the all-too-popular pixelart style, I made a complete "torrent status" icon set.


and here's how it would look:


As you can see, there are a number of different combos that can be used (all cubes, etc...) I would be interested in hearing any sort of feedback on the viability of use (if they are confusing, etc...)

I'm still in the process of working on Toolbar icons (32x32 and 16x16) and the main app icon.

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i think the little symbols are better...

i don´t like too much colors in my bt client....

i think its enough like it is now and it dosen´t need icons or colors to show the status....

you have 2 eyes so u can read what status which torrents has

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Icons definately get the message across much quicker and color coded icons are perfect. The coloring of the whole line would be a bit too confusing as it would create a "rainbow" effect as I sort with different collumns. But don´t through it away completely, I like colored TEXT against a plain white background (some would prefer black background).

Second, I associate green with the most favorable situation which would be downloading something. Exclusively seeding I think should be blue (or maybe a different tone of green).

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I would prefer just a simple coloured up and down arrow using the conventional BT colours, that way you can see instantly whether a torrent is seeding or leeching.

For example

Green: Everything ok.

Yellow: Only local connections.

Red: Connected to tracker but no seeds or peers.

Blue: Everything OK but no seeds or distributed complete copy.

Grey: Cannot connect to tracker.

And perhaps a red square for stopped torrents, two vertical yellow lines for paused torrents and something for a completed torrent.

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Guest wins! Aesthetic Groove is indeed my theme!

As you can see in the "collection" picture, there are many alternatives for each different status. For example, gray cube for inactive icons, no "cubemid" for seeding, using all cubes ... they are all viable options. I found that once I started making icons like these, I just keep doing it to see if I can; can I make this that way, what's the most simple way of capturing this complete idea, can I even do this... it was all very exciting :D (exciting in the obsessed graphic-artist type of way)

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