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1.7 Build 3353 recurring "0.1kB/s" download bug

Limbo Fox

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I just installed this latest stable version. Now a couple of my torrents are starting to download from a peer at "0.1kB/s", get a few bytes of data, drop the transfer with the peer, and then repeat said process. One of my torrents is a small 20 meg file, and it's proceeding to download it like that, a few bytes at a time. Then I spotted this happening with a torrent which, before the upgrade, had been doing just fine. This problem continues after resetting the machine, and with different ISPs as well (I'm using WiFi on a laptop running WIn98SE, and have experienced this today at various locations). Uploads, however, remain untroubled by this bug.

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Ah, I'd been using the latest stable _auto-upgraded_ release. 3360 appears to be doing the same thing, though, on occasion. Tough to know whether that's uTorrent or just the sort of peers I've been associating with. Where are the torrents on OpenOffice.org?

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Am I missing something here?

Those 2 that responded to your post did so within MINUTES of your post, with relevant information and answered your specific question that they could.

Were them some deleted post/s that set you off?

Ok, skipping past that...I am using Win 98SE on this box right now as a lightweight web browser/µTorrent-runner. I've used about every 3rd to 5th beta released, meaning more than most, and have not had noticeable problems as far as download and upload speed are concerned. Hitting 300+ KiloBYTES/sec down and 40+ KiloBYTES/sec up. Probably could hit more on the downside with an OpenOffice torrent, but on the torrent's I'm typically on it can be hard due to few fast seeds+peers to break 100 KiloBYTES/sec. But I am using a fixed cable internet connection (ComCast) with a LAN containing other computers. My router is quite old (Linksys 4-port wired model circa 2002 version), but has served me well though I've come to realize I can't push it past 100 connections at once without it slowing way down and even crashing after days under that load. I've got something called 98Lite/LitePC which is 3rd party software that rips portions of the OS out right down to its guts. So despite a few similarities, my setup may be nothing like yours.

Now I can make wild and groundless guesses about the cause of your problem...and insult your intelligence in the extreme in the process. (Which for what it's worth, the other posters didn't seem to do.)

...or you can try Ultima's meticulous "Internet Interruption or Slow Speeds?" FAQ


...at least as far as posting additional information requested by it so we can begin to at least eliminate red herrings. (Things not causing your problem.)

There could be some obscure bug in µTorrent that only you and a tiny handful of others have the misfortune to provoke. But to get to that point where we can definitively say that, we have to try a bunch of simple but unlikely causes.

I make no promise in being able to help, as working on someone else's computer is hard enough even when you know a lot about it. And there's still a LOT I don't know. Even more so when flying blind.

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