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Why is my upload speed top at 180ish kb/s when I can upload at 1000kbs


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I have a 2 Mbit download and when I test my upload speed it says I can upload 1Mbit but Utorrent only allows me to top at 180ish kb/s for uploading with Comcast cable services and I also take my computer in an area where you have to subscribe to CableOne service and I can top out at 230 kb/s upload speed . When I used ABC client I had no problem uploading my max but it wasn't a good client for downloading. With Utorrent it is the opposite. I tried every possible solution I could think of with the preferences but it will not allow me to upload 1Mbit speed. It really is a nuisance to get a good ratio on the sites in a decent amount of time.

Does anyone know why my upload speed only will top at 180ish kb/s upload speed and will Utorrent allow me to upload at 1 Mbit speeds?

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