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IP-based speed limit?


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Hi all. I'm seeking for advice. I have very low speed with all the internet excluding my ISP's network (ADSL, not LAN). Is there any possibility to limit speed with "outer" connections to browse web while dloading at full speed from exact IP range?

(example: i'm dloading at 40kB/s = 10 from internet and 30 from one peer in my network. i wanna browse web, setting limit to 30kB - all external 10kB/s now should be free, but uT limits the "local" peer instead, and sites load slow or don't do at all)

Sorry for bad english :) Thanks.

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Just in case anyone has same trouble. I've found the solution: NetLimiter 2 Pro. But it would be better not to use any extra bloatware.

Quote from FAQ:

L = Peer is local (discovered through network broadcast, or in reserved local IP ranges)

Any chance these "reserved local IP ranges" can be redefined by some config file like ipfilter?

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