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Utorrent using more bandwidth than it says


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My bandwidth has been going nuts ever since I upgraded to the "Stable" 1.7 release. Most people complain about slow speeds or whatnot, But what I have a gripe about is just the opposite. I've gone through the loops and disabled Local Peer discovery and checked the Limit local Peer Bandwidth. And the Upload Download limits "Appear" to be working fine. However, when I am running uTorrent, my upload and download goes way above what Utorrent tells me it is running at. My upload is always nearly double sometimes tripple what I have it set at. And my Download registers nearly 50-100 more KB/s ussage than Utorrent says its using. I am using programs such as NetMeter and the program in my LCDSirreal 2.5 applet for my G15 Keyboard. I know this is specific to uTorrent becaues immediatly upon closing Utorrent. My bandwidth usage goes back down to nothing. As it is currently, I have to severely limit my Upload and Download Just to even do anything on my machine while online.

Below is a screenshot of Utorrent with NetMeter running as a reference.


This is also reflected in my G15 applet. (I dont have a digital Camera to take a picture of that as well).

**Note: The time where it seems that NetMeter dropped off is where i closed Utorrent and noticed my bandwidth ussage drop to nothing. Then reopened Utorrent to watch it go nuts again.

The Current Download is limited to 200KB/s and the Upload is limited to 10KB/s

Several Administrators have claimed that the problem lies with Local Peer discovery, and there probably is some validity to that. However I think the problem with upload/download limits is a bit deeper than that.

Edit. I have been using Utorrent for more than a year now and have used nearly every beta and stable release since then. and I have NEVER experienced this issue before.

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Its accurate enough. It always reported roughly the same stats that uTorrent reported before in all other versions of utorrent. I also double checked this against the bandwith moniter that comes default with G15 keyboards and the LCDSirreal Program for my G15. All of which worked fine and reported everything correctly before the current 1.7 stable release. ever since I upgraded to the final release of 1.7, all 3 of the programs have been reporting a higher than usual bandwidth ussage while using Utorrent.

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