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Not connecting to peers and upload stuck @ 29kB. (Screen shots Inside)


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I can only connect to about 3-5 peers out of 23 as you can see in pics. Is there any way to connect to more peers? I figure my upload speed would go past 29kB if I could connect to more peers. All my stats are below and I'm on Vista Basic and using 1.6.1 standalone if that helps. Thank you :)







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let's see you need to fix a few things.

it is recommanded to use ports 50000-65000

uncheck UPnP unless your router supports it. why do you not have utorrent added to Windows firewall exception. disabled?

other than that. VERY good connection ;)

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Thanks for the advice. A few more questions. Why is it recommended to use ports 50,000-65,000? I don't have a router. I have a cable modem (Scientific Atlanta DPC2100). I read the online guide and couldn't find anything about UPnP. And yes I have Windows firewall disabled. Should I have that box checked anyway?

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Eh, the port used doesn't really matter.

Does your cable modem double as a router? Cable modems tend not to, so it's not too likely.

You don't need to check UPnP if it's strictly a modem, and the WF exception doesn't need to be checked if you disabled it.

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